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London Businesses Invest in a Green Recovery
Thursday, Aug 12, 2021

Green Economy London welcomes ten new members who are setting emission, waste and water reduction targets, helping the local green recovery.

With the help of Green Economy London, local businesses are reducing their environmental impact while proving that good business and sustainability go hand-in-hand. 

Despite the unprecedented closures and impacts of COVID-19 these London businesses have made the commitment to set and publicize emission, waste, and water reduction targets. Through our program they now have access to a network of resources, and the support of like-minded businesses to help them reach their sustainability goals. 

We recently welcomed the following new members from a variety of industries, including food services, medical equipment, nonprofits, retail and construction sectors. 

Not only are these businesses aligning with municipal goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050, they are diverting waste from landfills and enhancing biodiversity locally. They are working on green initiatives that benefit both the environment and people in a time of crisis and recovery. A green recovery is a movement which calls for a “new economy that helps solve the climate emergency and biodiversity crises” while improving the well-being of all people and stimulating economic recovery (1). 

“Trudell Medical International is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community and reducing our impact on the environment. With a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Trudell is proud to take the next step in our sustainable journey as new members of Green Economy London. We are excited to build partnerships with Green Economy London and other London businesses to become stewards in sustainability for our community.” says Chris Zajc, Trudell Medical International. 

Let’s Talk Science, a national charity that supports STEM education for youth “is thrilled to join Green Economy London because of our commitment to sustainability, both through our operations and as a component of our education programming. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the organization by assessing choices, diverting waste and building sustainable practices.” says Cailin Clarke, Vice President of Operations at Let’s Talk Science.

The construction sector in London is one of the top three highest emissions sectors, which is why Green Economy London is excited to have michael + clark construction and the London District Construction Association join. “michael + clark construction appreciates that, while essential, not all aspects of the construction industry can directly support a green recovery at this moment in time; we can focus on ways to offset our industry’s footprint. michael + clark construction is a family orientated company and our employees care about what kind of a future that we are all creating for the next generation. By joining Green Economy London we’ve opened another door to learning about how we can bring the spirit of sustainability to all aspects of what we do.” says Nate Fehrman, founding partner of michael + clark construction.

“Tepperman’s has always valued and invested in sustainability. It’s one of our 6 Guiding Principles. This year we’re excited to have joined Green Economy London to learn and collaborate on new initiatives with their great team and other members. We recognize the value of a green recovery for all Canadians in addressing pressing environmental issues such as climate change, landfill use, and declining insect populations (we’ve just created our first 2,500 sq.ft. pollinator garden in London!). We’re inspired by this movement and look forward to developing and expanding on many sustainability related programs in the coming year.” says Mike Apostol, Sustainability Coordinator at Tepperman’s.

As we look to a green recovery, business practices that benefit the health of the environment and the community will become the new normal. Green Economy London members are helping us to “reimagine our communities, economy and ourselves to create a sustainable, resilient, equitable future” (2). 

1 Greenpeace

2 David Suzuki Foundation



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