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Apply Now! Green Project Support 2022
Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Green Economy London’s Green Project support is back for 2022! This year we are giving away 4 x $2,500 incentives to our members to make sustainability changes at their facilities.

There is funding for a total of four projects that have to do with water conservation, GHG emissions reduction, waste reduction and diversion, and environmental stewardship. Check out the application guide below to give you an idea of projects that qualify for support. If you have a different project in mind, reach out to

Could your organization save money to help meet your reduction targets by implementing one of the following projects? Apply here.

If you received Green Project Support in previous years, you are still eligible to apply for this year!

Water Conservation Projects

  • Low flow toilets installation
  • Waterless urinal installation
  • Faucet replacement, aerators and low flow shower installation 
  • LID – rain garden etc..
  • Water and energy efficiency audit
  • Blue roof project
GHG Emissions Reduction Projects

  • Activity sensors for lighting installation 
  • Increased insulation 
  • Air curtain installation 
  • High efficiency window replacement 
  • LED lighting retrofit (installation or audit costs)
  • Air source heat pump
  • Renewable energy project –  solar panel/geothermal installation
  • EV charger installation
  • Condensing electric tankless water heater installation
Waste Diversion & Reduction Projects

  • Waste audit and diversion strategy development
  • High speed, energy efficient hand dryer installation 
  • Organics/recycling pick up program/compost
  • Switch to biodegradable/eco friendly packaging options
Environmental Stewardship Projects
  • Employee engagement LOLA Bees hive sponsorship package
  • Installation of cycling to work infrastructure (lockers, rack, etc.)
  • Depave Paradise Sponsorship
  • Employee Tree planting and sponsorship (Reforest London)
  • Pollinator garden or community/corporate garden.
  • Green Roof Project/ Living Wall Project
  • Energy and / or water efficiency audit 
  • HVAC consultation services for path to net-zero
  • Impact studies/product life cycle reports (ie. improving end of life/cradle to cradle)

Click the link below to access the Green Project Support Guidebook:


Rules of the Green Project Support:
  • A GEL representative must validate the projects for eligibility.
  • Project recipients must sign a project agreement, as any approved projects are considered to be in partnership with the London Environmental Network.
  • These funds must go directly to the consultant / contractor. (unless otherwise agreed upon Environmental Stewardship project funding).
  • GEL must be invoiced directly for design services, consultations and installations.  
  • To be eligible for support, the organization must be a member of GEL.  
  • The member must set their baseline in accordance with GEL’s milestone process and set a 10 year reduction target in the target area of choice.  
  • Most of these projects will cost more than $2,500.  It is expected that the member will pay for the rest of the costs associated with completion. 
  • Submissions will be accepted from October 5th, 2022 November 18th, 2022
  • Applications will be reviewed and recipients to be announced on December 1st, 2022
  • Project to be completed between December 1st, 2022 and October 31st, 2023
  • Impact to be reported no later than December 31st, 2023

To apply, click here.

This initiative is made possible with support by:

2021 Green Project Support Recipients

Electric Vehicle Charger – London & District Construction Association (LDCA)

LDCA installed a 34kWp solar canopy system at their building along with installing two EV charging stations. This project achieved their objectives of reducing carbon production to 1.6 tons of CO2 each year and providing construction industry leadership.  This project encourages LDCA members to purchase and operate electric vehicles. The solar canopy covers the entranceway to the building which has increased members’ interest and is referenced to other PV canopy systems in London. This project went towards their GHG emissions reduction targets.

Pollinator Garden & Smart Water Meter – Tepperman’s

Tepperman’s used the green project support towards expanding their 30,000 sqft pollinator garden. Additionally, they installed a smart water meter controller for ‘weather intelligent’ irrigation. These projects went towards Tepperman’s environmental stewardship target.

Low Flow Fixtures, High Efficiency Dryers & Air Curtain – Heeman’s

Heeman’s installed low flow fixtures and toilets in their bathrooms to reduce water usage and they installed high efficiency hand dryers to reduce paper towel waste. In addition, they installed an Air Curtain in one of their greenhouses to reduce energy usage on the farm. These projects went towards Heeman’s GHG emissions reduction, waste reduction and diversion, and water conservation targets.

Check out past Green Project Support recipient projects here: 2020 & 2019


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