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Green Project Implementation
Monday, Sep 13, 2021

We are excited to provide an update on the projects that last year’s Green Project Support recipients implemented over the past 12 months.

To recap, Green Economy London successfully secured a $19,000 project stream with support from The City of London, London Community Foundation, Convertus, Partners in Project Green, and the Federal Government. This funding was available for Green Economy London member’s to apply for to implement projects that related to improving sustainability.

Below are the accepted applicants and the changes they were able to make!

Electric Vehicle Charger – Reimagine Co.
Reimagine Co. installed an electric vehicle charger in hopes to conveniently charge the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that the business uses for deliveries and provide ‘boosts’ to consumers shopping in-store. In addition to this, they put their new charger on the map, attracting new customers to their store!

Low-Flow Toilets – McCabe Promotions
McCabe was able to install low-flow toilets in their most frequently used bathrooms. These toilets use 4.8L of water per flush, compared to the usual 6L used! This switch will help them achieve cost savings on their water bill and has allowed them to work towards reducing their overall water usage by 10%.



LED Retrofit – Bluestone Properties
Bluestone Properties retrofitted their original light fixtures with LED lights. By conducting a lighting audit and analyzing the light levels before and after the retrofit, the company was able to brighten their workplace in a more environmentally conscious way!


Blue Roof Study & High Efficiency Hand Dryer – Pillar Nonprofit

Pillar Nonprofit Network hired a consultant to advise on the feasibility of implementing a blue roof at Innovation Works to reduce stormwater flooding and water use. They hope to continue to apply for grants to install a blue roof in the future. Pillar Nonprofit Network also installed a high efficiency hand dryer to reduce its use of paper towels and make drying one’s hands more accessible to all!


Blue Roof Study – London Food Bank
London Food Bank was seeking insight regarding how they could use their large warehouse for a sustainable purpose, so they hired a consultant to conduct a blue roof study. The business found that it was the perfect solution to collect rainwater for use in their new greenhouse and outdoor gardens! By installing a blue roof, they also hope to reduce the cost of city water and bulk water for delivery.

Biodegradable Packaging – London Brewing Co-op
London Brewing Co-op switched out their plastic packaging for biodegradable packaging that can be either composted or recycled! Their customers have responded positively to the flexible disposal options and the environmental benefits.


Soil Sieves – Western Fair District
Western Fair District redirects their onsite green waste into compost bins and uses the compost to feed their worms, resulting in rich worm castings for fertilizer. To help sift out large lumps from their compost and isolate the worm castings, Western Fair District purchased two soil sieves!

Solar Installation – Heeman’s
Heeman’s installed solar panels on their roof! As just one of many of their green initiatives, these panels will generate 57% of their annual power needs, reducing the greenhouse gasses that they emit to power the business.

Despite the challenges over the past year with the pandemic, these businesses still committed to making sustainability a priority and we are so proud to be working with them. London’s Green Leaders are helping to prove that a more sustainable economy is possible.





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