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We have liftoff - Green Economy London launches!
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Supported by the City of London and the London Community Foundation, Green Economy London will build the low-carbon economy.

 On Monday May 13, 2019, the newest Green Economy Hub launched in London, Ontario. Green Economy London will support local businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets, joining 6 other Hubs across Ontario. Over 170 business leaders attended the Launch Party in support of celebrating the founding partners and members of Green Economy London.

The evening featured guest speakers on sustainability in business, as well as a performance from a local musician. Prizes were given out for winners of the “Sustainability Showcase Guessing Game”, which was put on by the Founding Members.

“Green Economy London helps businesses and organizations realize the competitive advantage of becoming environmentally sustainable,” said Skylar Franke, Executive Director of the London Environmental Network (host organization of the Hub). “We work directly with our members, helping to build a plan, access expertise, and make changes which strengthen their bottom line.”

Green Economy London is a membership-based program which provides tools to measure emissions, waste and water usage, resources to manage them, and recognition for success. For our Founding Members who include: Dispenser Amenities, Alchemy Junk, the City of London, German Solar Corp, London Convention Centre, Life of Leisure, Cornerstone Architecture, MTE Consultants, Heeman’s, McCabe Promotional, The Root Cellar and GreenTech Painting — the founding members of Green Economy London — the benefits of joining are clear:

Sustainability has been our company’s focus since our founding. This is a great way to connect with other local, environmentally focused companies in London while helping us continue to reduce our environmental impact.” said Ian Wallace, President of Dispenser Amenities. “All of us at Dispenser Amenities are delighted to be a part of this initiative.” Dispenser Amenities is a local small business that supplies the hospitality sector with durable shower soap dispensers, which reduces waste and saves significant money for their clients.

Will Heeman, of Heeman’s Garden Centre and Strawberry Farm said “Signing on as an early member in Green Economy London was a no-brainer for our business. As stewards of our land, seeking to grow a beautiful crop sustainably, this initiative ties in perfectly with our family’s mission of growing ‘green’. Pursuing a greener business practice isn’t just the right thing to do, it helps us reduce costs, operate smarter and maintain a competitive edge!”

“Enhanced public relations, accountability and actionable tasks will guide our decision making.” said Justin Bardawill from Alchemy Junk. “Our clients will view these steps as added value and use them in making their purchasing decisions.”

A $200,000 grant from the London Community Foundation and a $50,300 grant from the City of London has provided start-up capital for this social enterprise. Labatt’s, Try Recycling and MTE Consultants are also supporting Green Economy London as Founding Partners for the launch.

Green Economy London is the latest Hub in the growing Green Economy Canada network. Similar Hubs operating in Waterloo Region, Ottawa, Hamilton and Burlington, York Region, Sudbury, and Kingston have engaged over 265 businesses and reduced over 59,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“We’re thrilled to see Green Economy London launch in London. It’s a strong signal of the local appetite and energy for a transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director of Green Economy Canada, which has been supporting the launch of the Hub over the past year. “With Green Economy London, local businesses will now be supported in driving innovations that measurably reduce their environmental impact while building a resilient, low-carbon economy.”

Green Economy London is committed to empower organizations to meet their environmental and sustainability goals.  Business benefits for members of London include bottom line cost savings, risk mitigation, employee attraction, and enhanced brand. As the centre of London’s low-carbon economy, Green Economy London provides businesses with a full event season, support, tracking tools, and recognition of their efforts.

Check out our features in the London Free PressCTVGlobal News, Rogers TV and CBC Radio to learn more!

Founding Green Economy Leaders

At launch, 12 early adopter businesses/organizations have already joined Green Economy London. All Founding Green Economy Leaders have committed to tracking their environmental impacts and implementing change in their workplace.

  • MTE Consultants,
  • Heeman’s,
  • Dispenser Amenities,
  • Alchemy Junk,
  • City of London,
  • German Solar Corp,
  • London Convention Centre,
  • Cornerstone Architecture,
  • GreenTech Painting,
  • The Root Cellar,
  • Life of Leisure,
  • McCabe Promotional

Founding Partners

  • Try Recycling
  • MTE Consultants Inc.
  • Labatt’s
  • London Community Foundation
  • The City of London

Green Economy London welcomes interested organizations of all sizes in the private, public or non-profit sector.

London Environmental Network

London Environmental Network is a non-for-profit organization, and a solution-based network focused on enhancing and protecting the environment. London Environmental Network brings together grassroots communities, non-profits, businesses and government to promote creative collaboration and environmental issues. Service offerings include, capacity-building workshops, member-focused networking and online communications for the sector”.

Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada works with community organizations to launch, grow, and promote Green Economy Hubs. Green Economy London is one of seven Green Economy Hubs in Canadian communities that support local networks of businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets. To date, businesses in Green Economy Hubs have collectively reduced 59,105 tonnes of GHGs – the equivalent of taking over 12,600 cars off the road for one year – while becoming more competitive.


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