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Tracking Your Impact; Making Your Baseline
Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019

Green Economy London is excited to announce that we have conducted our first facility walkthroughs with the German Canadian Club and Cornerstone Architecture, and have begun the process of scheduling other members for their walkthroughs over the next few months. We were lucky enough to have GEL members with related expertise volunteer to help out including Michael Fabro from MTE Consultants Inc. and Daniel Hsia, Water Demand Manager from the City of London, for our first walkthrough with the German Canadian Club. 

The walkthroughs are our way of evaluating the current conditions of a member’s building and operations and to start the process of measuring their baseline impact on the environment. Baselines are important starting points to evaluate where a business currently stands in regards to their GHG emissions, waste, and water usage. Reduction targets are based off the baseline data, and is an important part in tracking success. 

Based upon findings from the initial walkthrough, our team creates a sustainability report with project ideas to improve overall sustainability, which can include improving energy efficiency, reducing or diverting  waste, and reducing water usage and pollution. The sustainability report that is based on the initial walkthrough will help the member with choosing which projects should be prioritized and will recommend if further advice is needed in the form of a professional audit. It also helps determine some basic costs for projects. Our team can also support the member in creating their baseline by inputting their consumption data into EcoBase.

We are excited about the Federal Government’s new incentives for businesses implementing sustainability related initiatives. A full list of business incentives related to sustainability is available to members on our website under the member portal. The Green Economy London team will help members identify relevant incentives that will help make sustainability projects more feasible. 

Our team is excited to move forward with more walkthroughs and help progress all of our members to their next milestone, which includes making action plans and then setting reduction targets. Contact to schedule your walkthrough or to join as a member!


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