Green Economy London
Third Annual Green Leader Awards
Thursday, Oct 20, 2022

Each year, the London Environmental Network and Green Economy London recognize the businesses and community leaders who are taking outstanding action in the environmental sector. This year, on October 13th 2022 we gathered with member organizations, community members, coworkers and friends at RBC Place London to celebrate important sustainability work being done in the community by local businesses, nonprofit organizations and community leaders. We’re pleased to recognize the 11 award recipients and dedicated volunteers.

We were joined by three amazing guest speakers from the local London sustainability landscape and nationwide Green Economy Canada network;

Thank you to Elizabeth Peloza, Ward 12 Councilor and Budget Chair; Emma Murphy, Network Director at Green Economy Canada;  Liz Arkinstall, Purpose Integration Manager, Libro Credit Union; and Tom Cull, writer, teacher, Director of Antler River Rally for your inspiring words!


Green Economy London Awards

Emissions Reduction Project of the Year: LDCA

This award recognizes a Green Economy London member that has implemented a project over the past year that has/ will have a significant impact on reducing their GHG emissions.

Congratulations to the London & District Construction Association for their innovative solar installation and two level 2 EV chargers.

Rookie of the Year: Graphenstone

The Rookie of the Year Award is given to the most active and accomplished new member over the past year. Congratulations Graphenstone, for their engagement with the residential and business audiences about sustainable building and home options, demonstrating how their business is based on a sustainable product.

Environmental Steward of the Year: Play Away Indoor Park 

This award recognizes a member’s involvement, participation, and leadership in projects and actions that positively impact the community and ecosystems of London and surrounding area. Congratulations Play Away Indoor Park for their ongoing and evolving environmental stewardship projects and employee and community engagement projects.

Green Innovation Award: Heeman’s

This award recognizes a business that embraces innovation to prioritize sustainability initiatives in order to improve and meet their sustainability goals and targets. Congratulations to Heeman’s for the installation of three level 2 EV charging stations in their parking lot, leveraging the power tied to their solar panel installation from 2021.


Green Project Implementation Award: Charlotteville Brewing 

Recognizes a member who has implemented project(s) at their facility that are inspirational, educational, effective (or all of the above) that relates to reducing the environmental impacts of their organization.

Charlotteville Brewing is the Green Project Implementation Award winner for their environmental projects across a variety of focus areas including water and energy efficiency, partnering with local producers, sustainable transportation, eco certified products, and customer and employee engagement. 

Nonprofit and Community Awards

Youth Leader Award: Allison Pert and Cogie Cogan

The Youth Leader Award recognizes an individual (25 & under) that demonstrates environmental leadership and a commitment to sustainability in their personal lives.

This year’s Youth Leader Award winners are Allison Pert and Cogie Cogan. Congratulations to Allison Pert for her leadership with the Western Sustainability Leaders Program (WSLP). She has helped to guide and plan many events on campus such as London Bug Day, she encourages students on the importance of sustainable living, saving native seeds, helped implement a community garden and has offered career guidance to many in this area.

Congratulations Cogie Cogan for exemplifying leadership through their continuous efforts to promote sustainability to youth throughout London. As only a first-year student they started Western Environmental Business (WEB) to bring sustainability into Western’s business program, helped make Huron a Blue Community, and has represented Canada on numerous environmental Youth Committees.

Community Impact Award: Indwell and Climate Action London 

The Community Impact Award goes to an organization or community group that implemented a project that benefited the environment and community within the past year. This includes projects supported through the Environmental Action Incubator program from 2021-2022. Congratulations to Indwell and Climate Action London for implementing their Bike Share Program, which allows residents at Woodfield Gate to borrow bikes and helmets. Most residents do not have cars, so the bikes provide low carbon transportation options and outdoor activity possibilities for the tenants, as well as support relationship building between staff and tenants.

Sustainability Solutions and Innovation Award: ReForest London

Recognizes a non-profit group that has made a local impact on the environment by developing a local solution or furthering sustainability innovation in technology or program delivery by creative thinking and adapting to the changing needs of the community.

Congratulations ReForest London for their dedication to Improve London’s environmental health through planting trees and shrubs in natural areas, parks, yards and streets. This year they celebrated planting half a million trees in their Million Tree Challenge, upgraded the Westminster Ponds Centre facility to utilize geothermal heating and cooling to dramatically reduce their GHG emissions, and pivoted during COVID to provide a virtual Signal Boost Initiative to highlight environment work and elevate the sector.

Environmental Impact Award: Thames Talbot Land Trust 

Recognizes a non-profit group that has had a significant impact on the local environment through emission reduction, biodiversity conservation, waste reduction, water conservation, or educating the public. The impact should be accessible to everyone in our community and be a lasting impact.

Congratulations Thames Talbot Land Trust for their continued support on land conservation by working with nature preserves in order to protect the land and wildlife that exists in the London and surrounding area. They currently protect more than 1900 acres of land across Southwestern Ontario, and run a number of community programs and events throughout the year that offer Londoners a free opportunity to learn and experience the importance of Southwestern Ontario’s landscapes.

Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers, Sonja Teichert, Heenal Rajani, Seungwon Han, Tina Do, Sarah Beyea, and Wanda Stacey for giving your time and effort to support our events and programming.

Congratulations to all of the award winners! That’s a wrap for this year’s Green Leader Awards – we can’t wait to host again next year. In the meantime we will continue to support, celebrate, and recognize the organizations taking meaningful climate action and proving a more sustainable economy is possible. Stay tuned for our upcoming member features on the details of each winner. 

Thank you to our supporters and partners for making the work we do possible and helping to reach our vision of making London the greenest and most resilient city in Canada. 


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