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Rookie of the Year Award Winner Feature
Monday, Nov 14, 2022

Written by Aidan Lynch, Western Community Engaged Learning Student with Green Economy London

The Rookie of the Year Award for 2022 has been awarded to Graphenstone Paints. This award recognizes the most active and accomplished new member of Green Economy. Graphenstone Paints offers an ecological range of paint products that are composed of natural elements to purify the air we breathe inside our homes. The paints absorb CO2 because it is made with a base of artisanal lime paste that is extracted following the traditional method. 

Since joining the Green Economy London program this past year, Graphenstone has engaged with residential and business audiences about sustainable building and home options. They also demonstrated how their business is based on a sustainable product. This included being a guest speaker in the Sustainable Home Finished webinar hosted by Greener Homes London. 

Dylan McAteer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Graphenstone, who accepted the award, is very proud to be a part of the reason that Graphenstone won this award. Dylan holds this award in very high regards, “the Rookie of the Year category is important because it serves as a starting point for businesses into sustainability. If this can influence even one business to join and take action, then that adds to the power of the community. There’s definitely a strength in numbers component to a movement like this and this is a great way to get more people on board preaching these values.” 

Not only is Graphenstone doing great things in the local community, but they have projects all around Canada. Graphenstone is currently donating paint for the warrior house being done in Waterloo ON, a net zero retrofit project being done with the Solar Decathlon program and the University of Waterloo. They also partnered with a local muralist to instill murals around the St. Thomas area using their environmentally friendly paint. This project was inspired by a similar project in Ottawa in which Graphenstone donated the paint.

Congratulations to Graphenstone on their achievements this year!


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