How It Works

We help you set and meet sustainability targets

Green Economy London members have access to a wide variety of support, from technical workshops to one-on-one coaching. Achievements are celebrated by the community through media coverage, special publications, and events.

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Our Services

Green Economy London Members have access to a variety of supports from the Hub:

Reporting & Resources

Tools to measure, track and report greenhouse gas emissions against your reduction targets. Resources and best practices to engage your staff. We want you to keep track of your goals and engage your team.

Support & Education

Access to industry specialists who assist in planning and implementing your sustainability plan. One on one coaching with Green Economy London staff. We want you to learn the best ways to grow.

Events & Networking

Free attendance at networking/learning events and workshops (approximately 6 events per year). We want you to connect with other sustainability leaders.

Celebration & Recognition

Credible third-party recognition for measurable progress including our annual Evening of Recognition: Sustainability Awards, a profile in the Annual Report, and inclusion in the website and in social media channels. We want to celebrate your success.

Green Economy London
Member Milestones

The milestones of this program act as the road-map to sustainability. It guides impact reductions and program participation while helping to integrate these reduction targets and practices into your business, with measurable benefit.

Target Areas

Green Economy London supports members in moving through the milestones to eventually set targets in four different areas. Members are able to choose one or more target areas depending on what their sustainability goals are. When members select their target, Green Economy London publicly announces the target, helps the member implement their action plan and celebrates the success of the member as they move towards achieving their goals.


Green Economy London’s GHG accounting methodology and GHG framework follow Green Economy Canada’s GHG Methodology statement.

What Does it Cost?

Annual membership fees range from $300 for business of 4 or less employees to $6,500 for organizations of 1,000+ employees. Non-profit’s qualify for a 15% discount.

Number of Employees 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 500+ 1,000+
Annual Fee $300 $500 $800 $1,500 $3,500 $4,500 $5,500 $6,500