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MTE Consultants

MTE Consultants Inc. has served Southwestern Ontario for over 30 years with offices in Burlington, Kitchener, London and Stratford.

Environmental Responsibilities

MTE respects and values the environment and is committed to a greener future. We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, and strive to select environmentally responsible vendors. We show our support through the implementation of various initiatives, such as our recycling and shredding programs and the greening of our building environment and landscape.

Platinum Pledging by 2026

MTE Consultants have set another platinum target in environmental stewardship, and have committed to completing a minimum of 10 stewardship projects.

Platinum Pledging Achieved in 2023

MTE Consultants has achieved the platinum target in environmental  stewardship! The projects they’ve implemented are:

  • Volunteer and sponsor Depave Paradise events
  •  E-waste drives
  • Implemented an in-office composting system
  • 20 Minute Makeover Challenge
  • Participating in community waste clean ups
  • Carbon Cleanses
  • The Million Tree Challenge – ReForest London
  • Creating a Green Team
  • Workplace Green Up

GHG Reduction Pledging

MTE Consultants has set an absolute GHG emissions reduction target and has committed to reducing emissions by 10% over the next 10 years!

The emissions reduction initiatives they are already doing and ones they plan to implement include:

  • Signage to turn-off lights
  • Business travel report
  • Using power bars to reduce phantom power
  • Installing a bicycle rack
  • Review travelling polices


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