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London Brewing Co-op

The London Brewing Co-op was founded in 2014 in London’s Old East Village with the motto “From Plough to Pint”. Owned by its workers, it has committed to sustainable operations from the beginning; designing their operations around the use of local sustainable ingredients, and offering the largest selection of craft beers in the province. 

Their mission is to create quality craft beers, emphasizing the community and the ingredients used in the process by working to establish ties with local farmers, producers, and partners. They aim to share their growth with all their ties in the community and beyond.

Current Sustainability Actions

Green Economy London helped find funding for the London Brewing Co-op to undergo a Food Loss and Waste Audit of their facility to see where they can avoid creating food waste in their processing. The report afterwards will determine projects that help them save money and improve their production yields. (August 2019)


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