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We are a full-service provider for the treatment and recycling of organic waste. Our mechanical and biological processes build on extensive know-how and years of experience. We have the ability to control the entire project and operation cycles to help our customers avoid costly duplications, suboptimal technological solutions and maintain consistent uptime. Our solutions combine quality, creativity and technological expertise to craft a plan that is tailor-made to your specific needs.

Platinum Pledging by 2026

Convertus have set another platinum target in environmental stewardship, and have committed to completing a minimum of 10 stewardship projects.

Platinum Pledging Achieved in 2023

Convertus has achieved the platinum target in environmental stewardship, and exceeded 10 stewardship projects.

The amazing stewardship projects they’ve implemented include:

  • Sponsoring and hosting tree giveaway with Reforest London
  • Creating a Green Team
  • Participating in London Clean & Green annually
  • Promoting sustainable transportation alternatives for staff
  • Collecting and reusing rainwater
  • Installing a vegetable garden on site
  • Technology recycling
  • Taking steps to mitigate the impact of their supply chain
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Created a Wellness Reimbursement Program which incorporates reimbursements for environmental health projects like solar, home energy audits, composters, rain barrels and more

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