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Member Highlight: MTE Consultants London Green Team
Thursday, Dec 8, 2022

Sustainability is a priority and a passion for our team at MTE. We believe that what we do now not only has an impact on us but will have lasting effects for generations to come. Our Green Team in London consists of eleven members who meet monthly to discuss any upcoming events, methods for reaching our 10% absolute carbon reduction target, as well as brainstorm other ways we can make a positive impact in the community. Along with consistently working toward our goals, we are a tight knit group who enjoy spending time together outside of work. Comradery and a shared interest in our natural environment are what hold us together.

Since 2021, we have sponsored and participated in two Depave Paradise Events, The Million Tree Challenge with Reforest London, 20 Minute Makeover Challenge, and two Carbon Cleanse weeks in partnership with our Kitchener team. A group of us went to a London Majors baseball game in August after receiving tickets from London Environmental Network. We had a blast!

In addition to events, the Green Team has placed a focus on reducing our impact through waste reduction and diversion initiatives. We have implemented a composting program in the office. Compost is taken by one of our team members to Urban Roots in London on a weekly basis. PPE is recycled through Terracycle via the “Zero Waste Box Recycling System” for Safety Equipment and Protective Gear. Toner cartridges and old office supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, etc. are being collected at end of life, and brought to Staples for recycling. We also ran an e-waste drive in November and managed to collect plenty of e-waste to donate to Goodwill Industries. MTE encourages all staff to reduce and divert as much waste as possible before reaching the landfill.

MTE provides reusable cups, plates and eating utensils, however, given that this is not possible 100% of the time, we have switched to compostable throw away cups for when this situation arises. Any MTE employee is eligible to receive 10% off with the appropriate discount code at Reimagine Co. with the hopes that more and more people will begin transitioning toward a zero-waste lifestyle. Our latest initiative in this category is to brainstorm how we can promote sustainable holiday shopping and wrapping.

Given that we have been diligently focussing on waste reduction and diversion, we felt this would be the most appropriate category when it came to our Green Project Support Application. MTE applied for a Waste Audit and the development of a diversion strategy. We are excited that our project has been selected and will we receive $2,500 to go towards completing a waste audit and developing a diversion strategy in 2023.

Our team believes whole heartedly in the many health benefits associated with being surrounded by nature and greenery. Because of this, we ran an office plant initiative over the summer. Our space is now filled with beautiful plants that we all work together to take care of. This has not only beautified and improved the quality of our workspace but pushed people to start talking and engaging with one another (not so easy in post pandemic times.)

We have really enjoyed participating in the Workplace Green Up competition taking place throughout the month of November. It has really opened our eyes to new possible ways of living more sustainably and has helped educate and engage staff.

MTE recognizes that internal combustion vehicles are extremely problematic with respect to greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, our Corporate Sustainability Committee is working in partnership with Facilities Management on installing charging infrastructure first at our Kitchener location, followed by each of our other office locations. Over the next ten years as our fleet vehicles reach end of life, we will be looking to purchase electric vehicles in lieu of internal combustion.

We are abundantly grateful for the education, support, and challenges that Green Economy London & London Environmental Network provide for our team. Your dedication and hard work toward building a better future in London truly shines through. Thank you!


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