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Member Highlight: Carmina de Young - Fashion with a Purpose Initiative
Friday, Sep 2, 2022

The member highlight showcases an environmental stewardship project or initiative by a Green Economy London Member. This highlight features Carmina de Young and their initiative Fashion with a Purpose.  For more information about Carmina de Young, please visit the member section of our website and their website.


Their vision is that for every garment they make, someone will help plant a tree by using their pot plants from scraps of fabric.

What is it?

Fashion with a Purpose is an initiative that focuses on diverting their scrap materials from the landfill by making pot plants out of these materials.  The potted plants will be used to plant seeds from organic materials coming from their compost. The project will create opportunities of learning in business development and skills for new members that can develop into a career. Additionally, it will encourage community members to compose organics, plant their seeds and donate trees to better the environment.

Why this project started:

Brown leather fabric pot with green plant leaves sticking out of the pot.

Carmina de Young  has a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future and their purpose is to make a positive impact on the environment and our communities. They are always looking for ways to repurpose their scraps to keep them away from the landfill. Carmina de Young focuses on the design and development of garments for different purposes including protective wear as well as everyday fashion.  This initiative will help to reduce their waste of materials and promote sustainability throughout the company and in the community.

Future phases:

This project started in June 2022. The next phase for this initiative will be to develop other green products that have more complexity in the design. This allows for continually training people to the next level of sewing.

Check out the video about this project to see the pots!



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