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London’s Climate Emergency Action Plan

March 31, 2022

London recently released the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan outlining new net-zero by 2050 targets, resiliency measures, and how to engage all Londoners with climate action.

The community-wide proposed Climate Emergency Action Plan aims to achieve three main goals:

  1. Net-zero community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050
  2. Improved resilience to climate change impacts
  3. Bring everyone along (e.g., individuals, households, businesses, neighborhoods)

How can you support the Climate Emergency Action Plan?

  • Register for the April 5th Public Participation Meeting and speak
    • Pre-register by calling 519-661-2489 ext. 7100 or by emailing  Please indicate the meeting and item when contacting the Clerk’s Office.  Directions on how to participate will be provided upon registration.
  • Sending an email to your City Councillor to show your support (unsure what to say? See a customizable template here).
  • Submit feedback using the City’s feedback form here.

Check out the London Environmental Network‘s highlights adapted from the Climate Emergency Action Plan:

As a program that supports businesses in setting and achieving sustainability targets, Green Economy London encourages our network to get their workplaces involved and we support them in creating action plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from operations. Climate change affects us all and we look forward to working collaboratively with our members to meet net-zero by 2050 targets. You can read the draft Climate Emergency Action Plan here.


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