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Launching London’s online Business Energy and Emissions Profile
Monday, Oct 19, 2020

London small and medium-sized enterprises building back better with a new emissions reduction tool

Communities around the globe are adjusting to life post-COVID and businesses are seeking economic recovery packages that will lead to increased long-term cost savings and resiliency against risks. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have an important role to play in addressing the climate emergency and can have a big impact on the progress we make. 

To support a clean recovery and build back better post-COVID, Green Economy London and the City of London with support from Green Economy Canada, are excited to launch London’s online Business Energy and Emissions Profile, otherwise known as a ‘BEEP’. Developed by Climate Smart, BEEPs are an interactive carbon mapping tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

The online tool identifies emissions and energy use of SMEs across 13 industry sectors by activity, business size, geographic area, and impact. The BEEP is a valuable tool for London businesses to visualize their impact and get practical recommendations for emissions and energy use reductions, which will save them money in the long-term. Green Economy London is one of three Green Economy Canada Hubs to receive a BEEP in 2019 along with Sustainable Kingston and Sustainable Peterborough

“Having access to BEEP data gives our network a deeper understanding of SME-driven greenhouse gas emissions across various regions — pinpointing emissions’ hot spots in specific sectors and geographies. This information is a major asset in helping our Green Economy Hubs reach business segments and community areas that have the greatest opportunity for GHG reduction impact.”

– Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director, Green Economy Canada

Did you know that 30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from SMEs and in London alone, they emit 586,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions? Check out the impact of electricity, building energy, transportation, and waste.

Reducing emissions from SMEs is key for addressing the climate emergency and reaching London’s net-zero by 2050 goal. The BEEP is a valuable tool for Green Economy London to use to identify reductions opportunities for our members so they can contribute to the sustainability and resiliency of their organization and city of London.

You can view London’s interactive BEEP tool to see where your business sector, activities, and size stands and explore opportunities for emissions reductions to build back better.

To learn how Green Economy London can support your business in identifying reductions opportunities and reaching your sustainability goals reach out to Marianne Griffith, Green Economy London Hub Manager,, 226-977-1139. 

For BEEP updates and case studies connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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