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Green Project Support Recipients
Friday, Dec 17, 2021

We are very excited to announce this years recipients of our Green Project Support program. With support from the City of London, we were able to support 3 Green Economy London members with projects to be implemented in 2022. We fundraised with support from the City of London, $9,000,  to go towards sustainability projects at Green Economy London businesses/organizations.

This years recipients include:

$5,000 in project support funding is going towards London & District Construction Association (LDCA) ‘s impressive solar PV array. They are planning to install a 34kWp system at their building, along with installing two EV charging stations to encourage LDCA members to purchase and operate EV vehicles!

$2,000 in project support funding is going towards Tepperman’s  to support their 30,000sqft pollinator garden expansion in the new year, as well as the installation of their smart water meter controller for ‘weather intelligent’ irrigation. 

And finally, $2,000 in project support funding to go towards Heeman’s who are looking to install low flow fixtures and toilets for their bathroom to reduce water usage, as well as installing a high efficiency hand dryer to reduce paper towel waste. They are also going to be installing an Air Curtain in one of their greenhouses, to reduce energy usage.

Thank you to all of our members who applied, we received so many amazing project submission,  which we hope to support through other means this year!

Stay tuned for updates on these amazing projects throughout the year. 

This support program was made possible thanks to the London Environmental Network and the City of London.

City of LondonLondon Environmental Network


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