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Green Innovation Award Winner Feature
Monday, Nov 14, 2022

Written by Amber Kerr, Western Community Engaged Learning Student with Green Economy London

The 2022 Green Innovation Award has been presented to Heeman’s  for their stunning commitment to sustainability over the past year. Congratulations Heeman’s! The Green Innovation Award recognizes a member that embraces innovation to prioritizes sustainability initiatives, in order to improve and meet their sustainability goals and targets.

Heeman’s was recognized this year for their Electric Vehicle (EV) charging project. Using power generated with their 2021 solar panel project, Heeman’s installed three Level 2 EV charging stations, which are capable of charging six electric vehicles. In less than two months, the business installed the three chargers and had them up and running. 

We’re excited that Heeman’s can be part of building the green future we want for our community, starting today,” says Will Heeman, Chief Daymaker at Heeman’s. “Adding EV charging stations with power generated from our solar panels allows our guests to charge up while they shop, using the same power that gives life to the plants and berries we offer. How awesome is that?”

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, meaning that the demand for EV chargers at businesses is growing as well. EV chargers can deliver energy to both hybrid and all-electric vehicle models. Level 2 chargers like those supplied at Heeman’s can provide alternating current (AC) electricity to vehicles.

Heeman’s has completed several other impressive sustainability projects over the past 40 years. Their 2021 native plant restoration project has led to the naturalization of more than 43,500 square feet of previously barren land, while a separate rainwater irrigation project has saved 767,889,440 liters of water and reduced the farm’s water consumption by 75% since being implemented in 2001. They have transitioned all of their single-use plastic items to 100% compostable options, and currently have a composting stream that has diverted 1,150,800 single-use items from landfills to date. Since the company began running on solar energy in 2021, they have also offset approximately 100.9 tons of CO2 emissions!

Heeman’s plans to continually push the boundaries of sustainable business well into the future. Alongside their goals to reduce the use of plastic and natural gas in their operating procedures, they are looking for ways to increase supply and options for sourcing native plants. As the company grows, they also can expand their new EV charging project from 3 to 18 stations. “If you are trying to build for the future of tomorrow, you shouldn’t focus on the limitations of today,” says Will Heeman.

The Heeman’s team organizes several events throughout the year to help get people involved, in addition to summer placements and co-ops for university students. To support Heeman’s sustainability projects, visit for more information.


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