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Join us at our information-rich workshops featuring guest speakers who are experts in the field and individuals from organizations presenting real-world success stories. We also host networking events, forums and the occasional conference. Come out and meet others who are making a difference – and leave changed and inspired!

We host between 2-6 educational events annually plus our can’t-miss Green Leaders Awards to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our valuable members.

Green Economy London members enjoy many free tickets to our events. Non-member fees vary.

Upcoming Events

In Person Event & Virtual

Green in the City 2023-2024 Series

By London Environmental Network, London Public Library, and the City of London

Green in the City is an annual event series that aims to explore sustainability topics through a local lens by highlighting leaders in various sectors. Learn about these local examples and how to get involved to make London one of the most greenest, most resilient cities in Canada!


  • Climate Change and Nature – March 9th from 9am – 12pm at Westminster Ponds Centre
  • Grand Finale at Central Library/Wolfe Performance Hall – Save the date: April 16th at Wolfe Performance Hall


  • Net-Zero Living and Home Energy Efficiency – November 22nd from 5 -8pm at East London Library Branch
  • Repair Café and Sustainable Living Fair – December 12th from 5-8pm at Beacock Library Branch
  •  Green Bin Information Session  – January 9th, 2024 Online (Click here to watch the recording)
  • Lifestyle Home Show – January 26th-28th, 2024 at Western Fair District
Virtual Event

Motivational Interviewing

By Project Neutral

Tuesday February 20th, 2024

Behaviour Change Specialist Vince Schutt will be joining the Community Call to share his expertise on Motivational Interviewing!

All of us in the climate movement know that humans need to change our unsustainable behaviours (and fast!) in order to cut-down global carbon emissions. But how do we do that when so many of us are resistant to change?

Motivational interviewing is a communication technique that can encourage behaviour change. It takes the emphasis off of our OWN reasons for wanting someone else to change their behaviour, and instead explores THEIR intrinsic motivations for wanting to make a change!

Virtual Event

Air Source Heat Pumps: Installation Best Practices for Homes

By Save on Energy

Thursday February 29th, 2024

Are you an HVAC contractor interested in learning more about air source heat pumps? Are customers asking you about heat pumps? Do you want to offer heat pump products and service, but aren’t yet confident about the technology?

With increased publicity and incentives available, homeowners are getting curious about whether heat pumps are right for their homes. With advancements in cold climate technology, heat pumps are gaining traction in Ontario. Join guest expert, Peter Rowles, for a discussion about heat pump technology and how the upcoming Installation Best Practices training can support you to expand your business and meet the growing demand.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Hear why air source heat pumps have become popular recently and share some of your own experiences.
  • Gain an understanding of how air source heat pump technology has evolved to provide home heating and cooling efficiently in cold climates like Ontario’s.
  • Review common misconceptions about heat pumps and understand the barriers faced by homeowners.
  • Understand the various options for heat pump installations, including mini-split and hybrid systems.
  • Review the learning outcomes of the Installation Best Practices training program and resources available to HVAC contractors to break into the heat pump market.

Register now!

Virtual Event

Stormwater Management & Low Impact Development

By GreenBiz Caledon Climate Partnership 

Tuesday March 5th, 2024

Join TRCA’s climate science experts for an overview of stormwater flood risks and strategies to address them. This session will include a live demo of TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program’s Low Impact Development (LID) Life Cycle Costing Tool and LID Treatment Train Tool. Learn how to use the tools to evaluate your facility and plan your LID strategy. Preparation, planning, and preventative measures are key to addressing the risks your company faces from extreme weather.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn about benefits of low impact development for stormwater management
  • Learn how to use TRCA’s LID tools to create an action plan for your business property
  • Hear from subject matter experts and local businesses on their approaches to mitigating stormwater risks

Who should attend:

  • Sustainability professionals
  • Facilities and operations managers
  • Consultants
  • Energy mangers
  • People managers
  • Risk managers
Virtual Event

The Rise of EV Misinformation, and How to Tackle it 

By Clean Energy Canada

Tuesday March 12th, 2024

Join the Clean Energy Canada webinar on the rise of EV misinformation and how to tackle it. Clean Energy Canada’s communications director, Trevor Melanson, director of public affairs, Joanna Kyriazis, and manager of reports and outreach, Keri McNamara, will be joined by Globe and Mail car critic Matt Bubbers and Electric Mobility Canada’s Daniel Breton to discuss the myths and misinformation surrounding electric vehicles, what’s in store for the future, and how we might turn the tide of public perception.

A recent study of climate-related YouTube videos found that climate denial is giving way to a new kind of climate delay tactic: the discrediting of climate solutions like EVs. This trend has had a helping hand from often well-intentioned but ultimately unbalanced reporting on electric vehicles, especially compared to gas cars. Join us as we explore the communications headwinds facing the shift to electric transportation—and how we can and must overcome them. The presentation will be followed by a discussion in which attendees can put their questions to panelists.

Join at 10am PT/1pm ET on March 12 as experts in the field offer informed insight and myth-busting information on EVs.

In Person Event

Green Leader Awards 2024

By London Environmental Network and Green Economy London

Wednesday April 10th, 2024

The London Environmental Network and Green Economy London are proud to present the Green Leader Awards, recognizing business and community leaders working to make London a greener and more resilient city for all.

Please join friends, colleagues, community members, and local businesses, for an evening of:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and beverages
  • Networking opportunities
  • Door prizes
  • Celebration of Green Economy London members, nonprofits and individuals in the London community

We look forward to seeing you there!

Past Events and Recordings


Responsible Pest Management: A Guide for Home and Business Owners

By London Environmental Network & Bird Friendly London

Have a pest problem at your home or business but don’t want to use harmful rodenticides? Join Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Ontario Wildlife Removal, Bird Friendly London, and London Environmental Network for an info session on responsibly managing rodent pest problems.

In this session learn from industry experts; – Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: How common rodenticides are detrimental to wildlife, specifically birds of prey through secondary poisoning – Ontario Wildlife Removal: Practical strategies for preventing and managing rodent pests including creating nearby habitats for raptors that prey on rodents, identifying and sealing points, and applying rodent deterrents.

As we head into colder weather and rodents look for winter habitats, this session will set your home or business up for sustainable success.

Watch the recording here.


Building with Nature: An Introduction to Mass Timber in Construction Webinar

By Green Economy London

Join us for an introductory webinar on the impact of mass timber in the construction sector as a nature-based climate solution. As mass timber is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, this webinar offers you an opportunity to discover how you can incorporate this sustainable building material into your business operations and actively promote sustainability.

The speaker Steven Street from Wood WORKS! Ontario will explore numerous topics such as the benefits of mass timber, including its cost-effectiveness, time efficiency and positive environmental impact, sustainable procurement practices, and current challenge. You will also gain valuable insight into initiating your own mass timber project.

Watch the recording here.


Leverage the Benefits of Energy and Gas Saving Incentives

By Green Economy London

Join the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Enbridge Gas, and Green Economy London for a webinar on how to make your business sustainable by leveraging current incentive programs. Explore these initiatives to help make your commercial energy saving retrofits more affordable. 

The guest speaker from the IESO will explain Save ON Energy funding programs that your business can apply for including the Small Business Program, Retrofit Program, Foodservice Distributor Discount program, and more incentives. Our other guest speaker from Enbridge Gas will go over the incentive programs available to businesses including the Fixed Incentive Program and funding for energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits.

Learn more about ways to save energy costs by implementing these financial incentives into sustainability projects at your business. These projects can help you to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. We will be sharing our new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Guidebook resource for members. This guide can help you select and complete projects to reduce GHG emissions. Some of these sustainability projects include upgrading your HVAC system, LED lighting retrofit, sustainable commuting, and adding insulation.

Watch the recording here.


Waste Not: Reducing Waste For A Sustainable Future

By Green Economy London

Join Green Economy London for a virtual discussion on waste reduction strategies for consumers and businesses, and how addressing food waste supports resilient food systems and a sustainable future.

We’re excited to be joined by two incredible guest speakers from the zero waste and sustainable food systems landscapes.

  • Reimagine Co., London’s first and only zero waste grocery store to discuss how businesses and consumers can reduce waste and work towards becoming zero waste, and their philosophy.
  • And Dr. Peggy O’Neil, lecturer at Brescia University College, on how addressing food waste supports food security and resilient food systems, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and climate change.
  • Plus hear from Allison Morgan (MES), current Sustainable Engagement Specialist at Green Economy London on resources for businesses to reduce waste and the value of actionable target setting to achieve waste reduction and diversion goals.

Watch the recording here.

In Person Event

Green Leader Awards 2022: Celebrating Businesses & Community Leaders in the Environmental Sector

By Green Economy London & London Environmental Network

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Each year, we host the Green Leader Awards to recognize and celebrate the businesses and community leaders who are taking meaningful climate action and prioritizing the environment in their operations and businesses practices.

Whether you’re a business, community member, or passionate about the environment and business sustainability, join us for an evening of:

  • Hors d’oeuvres and beverages
  • Networking opportunities
  • Door prizes
  • Awards ceremony celebrating Green Economy Leaders and Community Based Awards for their accomplishments over the past year

This event has passed.

In Person Event

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey: Green Economy London Info Session

By Green Economy London

Green Economy London is accepting a new cohort of Green Economy Leaders this fall! Join us September 29th for a Green Economy London info session on the opportunities that sustainability can bring to your business, how we can collectively foster effective change, and how to build capacity within your organization. Plus enjoy coffee and a light breakfast, door prizes, and a networking sessions with Green Economy London members and other businesses.

This event has passed. Click below to watch the presentations.

Part 1 – LEN & GEL

Part 2 – London Brewing Co-op & CY Health

Part 3 – Heeman’s & City of London


The Road to Sustainable Commuting

By Green Economy London

This session is suited for employees and businesses!

In this webinar learn the importance of taking action on transportation emissions, with Allison Miller, Senior Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, City of London kicking us off with the City’s offerings for employers and their employees, and how green commuting options support the Climate Emergency Action Plan. Hear from London Cycle Link’s Executive Director, Molly Miksa on factors businesses and employees need to consider when cycling to work, such as cycling safety and how businesses can support cycle commuters. Plus gain insights from Shannon Hawke, Intern Architect with Cornerstone Architecture on implementing sustainable transportation programs at your business. Leave with the tools and resources for how you can choose more sustainable commuting options as an employee and how as a business you can support it.

Watch the recording here.


Innovation for a Green Economy: A Masterclass

By TechAlliance

Join TechAlliance and Green Economy London Coordinator, Kaitlin Creighton for a session on how to utilize business as a catalyzing force behind change for the greater good and dive into sustainability baseline settings, targets, lifecycle analysis, and carbon intensity. Hear the inspiring stories of local companies who are knocking it out of the park and expand your knowledge on how to scale your venture to build environmentally sustainable innovations that are good for business and the world.

Watch the recording here.

Virtual Information Session

EV Chargers at the Workplace

By Green Economy London

Join Green Economy London to learn about the importance of incorporating electric vehicle (EV) chargers at your workplace, what EV charger options are available, and gain tips on how to evaluate what charger is right for your business. Plus hear from Plug’n Drive President and CEO Cara Clairman.

Watch the recording here.


EV Charger Incentive Program: Get Plugged In

By Green Economy Canada

Learn how you can get 50% back on the cost of installing EV charging stations!

Green Economy Canada is excited to announce a new $3.9M EV Charger Incentive Program, funded by Natural Resources Canada. Through this program, organizations can get up to 50% back for installing EV charging stations in public places, on-street, multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces, and for light-duty vehicle fleets. Applicants can receive up to $100,000 in rebates.

This webinar will provide more details about the program and the application process to equip organizations to successfully apply. All legally registered or incorporated for-profit or non-profit organizations in Canada are eligible to participate. The program’s operations are also kindly being supported in part by TD Bank.

You can get more details on EV Charger Incentive Program here.


How to Make Your Building Wildlife Friendly

This presentation focuses on the ecological aspects of managing sustainable buildings and properties in London. Our featured speaker is Brendon Samuels, a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology at Western University and the coordinator for the London Bird Team. In his presentation, Brendon gives an overview of the wildlife friendly buildings criteria he drafted for Green Economy London and describes common sources of conflict for wildlife in the built environment, risk factors for different types of buildings and examples of simple solutions for issues.

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here.


Get to know Volt Transportation – A New Zero Emission Delivery Service

Volt Transportation is a new local environmentally focused delivery service that is working with small businesses to meet their delivery needs while reducing their carbon footprint. Volt is using fully electric vehicles to offer affordable Business to Consumer (B2C) courier and delivery services in London Ontario.

Tune in to hear more about Volt’s mission, the need for EV’s to transform the delivery space, and how you can partner with Volt.

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here.


Power Your Business with the Sun: A Business Case for Solar Panels

Thinking about adding Solar Panels to your business? Not sure where to start, or who to talk to? Want to hear from a business that has undergone this process, the tips they learned, and the challenges faced along the way? 

You will hear from Tepperman’s Sustainability Coordinator, Mike Apostol, on his first hand experience with building a business case for a Solar PV installation at Tepperman’s operations. This webinar explores some basics of solar PV, using solar PV in Ontario, financing for positive cash flow in year one, tips for your own quotes, and alternative financing models. 

This event has passed but you can view the recording here.


Green Job Fair

Are you looking to get started in the green economy? Join us to learn about possible jobs and the training you need in the sector such as energy advisors, energy managers, retrofit contractors, solar installers and many more!

Panelists for session #1 include:

  • Brandon Doxtator, Environment & Consultation Coordinator (Oneida Nation of the Thames)
  • Renu Tahlan, Director, Strategic Initiatives (Great Northern Insulation)
  • Greg Nakonecznyj, Technical Sales & Conceptual Design Lead (CNTNR)
  • Dennis L. German, President, German Solar Corporation

Panelists for session #2 include:

  • Jolene McLaughlin, Senior Project Manager – Sustainable Building Solutions (EllisDon)
  • James Riley, CEO and Founder (LightSpark)
  • Nicola Lashley, Project Lead, Public Energy Initiatives (City of Toronto)
  • Will Gonell, Principal, Gonell Homes Inc.

This event has passed. View recordings of Session 1 and Session 2


Are Electric Vehicles (EVs) a Smart Investment for your Business?

In this webinar you will hear from Tepperman’s Sustainability Coordinator, Mike Apostol, on his experience doing an Electric Vehicle analysis for their company. Mike will share steps on the following:

Overview of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

  • Current state of the technology
  • Benefits of EVs
  • Comparison against internal combustion engine vehicles

Financial analysis of two EV cases at Tepperman’s

  1. Shared company EV vs. reimbursing employees per km using their own vehicle for work travel
  2. Buying a new EV vs. buying a new gas vehicle for the service technician vehicles

This event has passed but you can watch the recording here.


Can Sustainability and Improving Your Bottom Line Go Hand in Hand?

Surprisingly, many organizations are discovering that they can enhance their financial situation by performing better on their environmental and social goals. Based on Bob’s new free, open-source Sustainability ROI Workbook, this presentation shows how sustainability professionals can frame the business case for sustainability initiatives in the CFO’s familiar return on investment (ROI) and cost-benefit analysis language.

Bob uses business and leadership experience from his 34-year career at IBM Canada to help sustainability champions ensure that the direct and indirect measurable benefits for any category of sustainability initiative provide compelling justifications for taking action.

More information about Bob and his resources for sustainability champions can be found at

This webinar was co-hosted by The Chamber of Commerce, The City of London and Green Economy London.


Blue Roofs: Innovating the Future of Water Catchment and Flood Prevention

As climate change continues to increase precipitation in parts of the world, excessive storm water runoff threatens urban landscapes with an increased potential for flooding events. Blue Roofs are an inexpensive measure to address climate change derived flooding.

Learn about the benefits of Blue Roof technology, project designs, and how they can play an impactful role in water conservation and climate adaptation. Hear from Bruce Taylor (Enviro-Stewards) and Richard Hammond (Cornerstone Architecture) on their experience with blue roof implementation and practical designs.

This event has passed, but you can watch the recording here


Energy Retrofit Incentives & Savings 

Are you looking into upgrading your HVAC systems? Do your lights need to be updated? Wanting to save extra costs by reducing energy usage?

Green Economy London is excited to host this webinar, which will discuss current incentive programs available to help make your commercial energy saving retrofits more affordable! Learn about programs and available funding that can help you reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and costs.

This webinar has passed, stay tuned for similar upcoming events!


Let’s Make Serving Reusable Takeout Containers as Easy As Serving Disposables!

A Friendlier Company is launching their Reusable Takeout Container Service in London!
Over the last year, takeout has become a restaurant staple. It’s been a great way to support local businesses throughout the pandemic, but at what cost? Unfortunately, takeout containers are typically single-use only and result in an enormous amount of waste. A Friendlier Company believes that this doesn’t need to be the case, and that takeout containers should be reused, just like the in-house dishes we’re used to.

A Friendlier Company is introducing a reusable takeout container program in London, so you can feel confident knowing that your takeout is not harming the planet.

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here


Measuring Business Impact

Hosted by Green Economy London and Project Neutral

Join Natalie Merchant (Green Economy London) and Jake Miller (Project Neutral) to learn about the importance of measuring the impacts your business has on the environment. This includes areas such as greenhouse gas emissions from heating/cooling and electricity usage, transportation related emissions, water usage, and the amount of waste your business produces. All of these factor into the overall impact your business has on the environment. Think about it, how can you track reductions if you don’t know where your starting point is? When you make your carbon footprint visible, it helps to define where to make changes and encourages people to want to make changes.

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here.


Bringing the UN SDGs to your Business

Hosted by rTraction

Join David Billson (rTraction) and Marianne Griffith, Green Economy London Hub Manager to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and how they apply to the business sector. Find out how you can ensure your business is aligning with the goals to help build a better community. Includes a short presentation, followed by a Q&A and interactive breakout discussions.

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here.


Business Resilience Under COVID-19

Facilitated by Mark Lee, Executive Director of SustainAbility and Partner at ERM

In this webinar, Peter Bakker, President and CEO, WBCSD, Carine de Boissezon, Chief Sustainability Officer, EDF, Keith Tuffley, Global Co-Head, Sustainability & Corporate Transitions, Citi and Keryn James, CEO, ERM will examine how the private sector is adapting even as its role in society is being re-shaped.

The discussion will explore:

  • Varying ways the crisis is playing out across different industries
  • Examples of innovation in company responses
  • How expectations of the public and private sectors are shifting
  • What the pandemic is teaching about the value of scenarios planning and resilience.

May, 2020. This live webinar has passed, you can listen to the recording here.