Green Economy London
Fourth Annual Green Leader Awards
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Every year, the London Environmental Network and Green Economy London recognize businesses and community leaders who are working to make London a greener and more resilient city for all. This year, on April 10th, 2024, friends, colleagues, community members and local businesses gathered at RBC Place London to celebrate the outstanding initiatives within the city’s environmental sector. The evening promises networking opportunities, exciting door prizes, and light bites and beverages.

We were joined by two amazing guest speakers from the local London community. Thank you to Skylar Franke, Ward 11 City Councillor and Maureen Cassidy, CEO at Pillar Nonprofit Network for your inspiring words!

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists, we are so proud and inspired by all of the work that contributes to a greener and more resilient city for all. Keep reading to learn more about the nine award recipients.

Green Economy Leader Awards

Emissions Reduction of the Year

2024 Finalists: The Ice Box, German Solar

This award recognizes a member who implemented a project over the past year that has / will have a significant impact on reducing their GHG emissions.

The 2024 recipient of the Emissions Reduction of the Year Awards is The Ice Box. They replaced their ice cream trucks small gas generator with a battery, eliminating hundreds of hours of generator use.

Rookie of the Year

2024 Finalists: Junction Climbing, LOLA Bees

The Rookie of the Year award recognizes the most active and accomplished new member of Green Economy London.

The 2024 recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award is Junction Climbing. They were a 2023 Green Project Recipient and successfully completed an emissions reduction project. They also have a solar system installed at their facility and encourage active transport by providing bike racks for visitors.

Environmental Steward of the Year

2024 Finalists: MTE Consultants, Western Fair District

This award recognizes a member’s involvement, participation, and leadership in projects and actions that positively impact the community and ecosystems of London and the surrounding area.

The 2024 recipient of the Environmental Steward of the Year Award is MTE Consultants. In 2023, MTE achieved the platinum environmental stewardship target, completing 10 projects. Some of these projects include: implementing an in-office composting system, creating a green team, carbon cleanses, and more.

Circularity Award

2024 Finalists: BlueStone Properties, Western Fair District, Play Away Indoor Park

This award is new for 2024 and recognizes a member who has implemented projects that reduce and/or divert waste at their organization.

The 2024 recipient of the Circularity Award is Play Away Indoor Park. They installed a refillable water bottle station to eliminate the use of single use plastic water bottles. They upgraded their kitchen with a commercial dishwasher to accommodate reusable kitchenware.

Green Project Implementation

2024 Finalists: BlueStone Properties, MTE Consultants, Play Away Indoor Park, The Ice Box

This award recognizes a member who has implemented projects at their facility that are inspirational, educational, effective (or all of the above) that relate to reducing the environmental impacts of their organization.

The 2024 recipient of the Green Project Implementation Award is BlueStone Properties. They focus on energy conservation and efficiency by implementing projects that reduce electricity and natural gas consumption, optimize operations, and integrate cutting-edge energy-saving technologies into their properties.

Environmental Network Awards

Outstanding Member Award

2024 Finalists: The PATCH, Antler River Rally, Bird Friendly London, Middlesex London Health Policy Council

This award recognizes a London Environmental Network member who has made an impact on the environment by developing a local solution or furthering sustainability innovation in technology or program delivery by creative thinking and adapting to the changing needs of the community.

The 2024 recipient of the Outstanding Member Award is The PATCH. 

Community Impact

2024 Finalists: Glen Carin Community Resource Centre, Growing Chefs, LOLA Bees

This award recognizes an organization or community group that implemented a project that benefited the environment and community within the past year through the Environmental Action Incubator program.

The 2024 recipient of the Community Impact Award is LOLA Bees. 

Community Choice

2024 Finalists: Michelle Stranges, Emily Febrey

This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates outstanding environmental leadership and a commitment to sustainability in their personal lives. They may have started an initiative to raise awareness and take environmental action in their workplace or elsewhere in the community.

With over 1,500 votes from the community, the 2024 recipient of the Community Choice Award is Michelle Stranges. 




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