Green Economy London
Waste Not: Reducing Waste For A Sustainable Future
By Green Economy London
November 15, 2022

Join Green Economy London for a virtual discussion on waste reduction strategies for consumers and businesses, and how addressing food waste supports resilient food systems and a sustainable future.

We’re excited to be joined by two incredible guest speakers from the zero waste and sustainable food systems landscapes.

  • Reimagine Co., London’s first and only zero waste grocery store to discuss how businesses and consumers can reduce waste and work towards becoming zero waste, and their philosophy.
  • And Dr. Peggy O’Neil, lecturer at Brescia University College, on how addressing food waste supports food security and resilient food systems, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and climate change.
  • Plus hear from Allison Morgan (MES), current Sustainable Engagement Specialist at Green Economy London on resources for businesses to reduce waste and the value of actionable target setting to achieve waste reduction and diversion goals.
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