Green Economy London
Responsible Pest Management: A Guide for Home and Business Owners
By London Environmental Network & Bird Friendly London
November 8, 2023

Have a pest problem at your home or business but don’t want to use harmful rodenticides? Join Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Ontario Wildlife Removal, Bird Friendly London, and London Environmental Network for an info session on responsibly managing rodent pest problems.

In this session learn from industry experts; – Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre: How common rodenticides are detrimental to wildlife, specifically birds of prey through secondary poisoning – Ontario Wildlife Removal: Practical strategies for preventing and managing rodent pests including creating nearby habitats for raptors that prey on rodents, identifying and sealing points, and applying rodent deterrents.

As we head into colder weather and rodents look for winter habitats, this session will set your home or business up for sustainable success.

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