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Project Neutral Community Call - July 2024
Project Neutral
July 16, 2024 07:30 PM EST

What is the Community Call?

A gathering place for our community to connect, gain knowledge and grow. Join us to learn and to share your knowledge with others.

July 2024: Let’s Hear About Your Worst Climate Conversations!

Have you ever tried to talk about climate change, only for it to turn into a yelling match, lead to an awkward silence or end in any other unwanted outcome? Well, you’re not the only one. Talking climate can be tricky work for all of us. That’s why our next community call will be focused on helping you find more effective ways of having better climate conversations. We’ll ask a few of our community members to share a climate conversation that didn’t go so well, and as a group, we’ll collectively work through alternative dialogues and ways of relating that feel more generative.

This session is meant to be lighthearted and fun while giving you practical tools for having more effective climate conversations!

Community Call Agenda:

7:30 – 7:35 PM Welcome & Gathering

7:35 – 7:45 PM Opening Activity

7:45 – 8:00 PM Presentation

8:00 – 8:45 PM Activity

8:45 – 9:00 PM Breakout Rooms

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