Green Economy London
Plastic Recycling Event
September 6th - 8th, 2024 from 11:00AM-3:00PM

Save Those Containers!

Plastics used in the horticulture industry can sometimes be hard to get recycled properly. That’s why together with London Environmental Network we’re hosting a container bring back weekend here at Heeman’s! As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ll be collecting, sorting and recycling applicable growing containers from September 6th through 8th between 11am-3pm.

Because not all municipalities can recycle all these plastics, we’re hoping that you can hold onto them this summer and bring them back to us for their new life!

Recycling Guidelines:

  • We will be accepting horticultural containers, tags, flats, inserts, pots, etc.
  • Before you drop off your containers, please make sure that excess growing medium has been dumped out or removed from containers
  • Paper and other foreign materials must be removed from the packaging, but adhesive labels are okay

We will have Daymakers and volunteers on site to help sort all of the materials properly, and will let you know if anything you’ve brought cannot be recycled with this program. All proceeds received from ‘selling’ this plastic back to the producer will be donated to the London Environmental Network to continue its work protecting our environment and building a more sustainable city.

Accepted Material Types for Recycling:

Not all plastics can be accepted and over the course of the summer we will be going into more details to help you with deciding what can be brought back. Here are a few details for your reference for now!

Polystyrene – P.S. #6

  •  Containers marked with recycling code P.S. #6
  • P.S. #6 is rigid and will crack easily when bent excessively, as well tears easily
  • Generally includes shuttle trays, flats, inserts and some pots (5″ and smaller)
  • Most plug and propagation trays, as well liners and inserts
  • All colours and printed containers are accepted

Polypropylene – P.P. #5

  •  Containers marked with recycling code P.P. #5
  • P.P. #5 is a tough material and will not tear easily
  • Includes shuttle trays, flats and pots (5″ and larger)
  • Web flats are generally P.P. #5, as well most injection molded containers
  • All colours and printed containers are accepted

High Density Polyethylene – H.D.P.E. #2

  •  Containers marked with recycling code H.D.P.E. #2
  • H.D.P.E. is a tough material and will not tear easily
  • Includes most large blow molded or injection molded nursery pots
  • All colours and printed containers are accepted