Green Economy London
Leverage the Benefits of Energy and Gas Saving Incentives
By Green Economy London
March 21, 2023

Join the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Enbridge Gas, and Green Economy London for a webinar on how to make your business sustainable by leveraging current incentive programs. Explore these initiatives to help make your commercial energy saving retrofits more affordable.

The guest speaker from the IESO will explain Save ON Energy funding programs that your business can apply for including the Small Business Program, Retrofit Program, Foodservice Distributor Discount program, and more incentives. Our other guest speaker from Enbridge Gas will go over the incentive programs available to businesses including the Fixed Incentive Program and funding for energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits.

Learn more about ways to save energy costs by implementing these financial incentives into sustainability projects at your business. These projects can help you to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. We will be sharing our new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Guidebook resource for members. This guide can help you select and complete projects to reduce GHG emissions. Some of these sustainability projects include upgrading your HVAC system, LED lighting retrofit, sustainable commuting, and adding insulation.

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