Green Economy London
Electrifying Building Heating with Heat Pumps in Commercial Buildings
Save on Energy
June 27, 2024

Heat pumps are critical to the goal of decarbonizing heating loads while managing new electrical load growth. But many market actors including business owners, consultants and mechanical contractors are unfamiliar with heat pump technologies and as a result less likely to purchase or sell them over an inefficient but trusted technology such as baseboard heating or electric furnaces.

Join us for an informational session to explore the efficiency and versatility of heat pump systems to determine whether they are a good solution to support the energy and emissions reductions goals of your facilities or those of your clients.

In this information session, participants will: 

► Cultivate an understanding of heat pump technology and its application in the Ontario market.

► Explore typical retrofit opportunities for commercial buildings including retail, offices, and other facility types.

► Explore the technical and financial potential of full heating electrification versus hybrid solutions to develop sounds business cases.

► Review concepts key to developing the business case including what variables to factor into life cycle cost analysis.

► Learn about tips on finding and working with consultants and contractors.

Participants will learn about:

  • How heat pumps are an efficient solution to electrify heating systems and reduce operational emissions.
  • How heat pump technology works in cold climates like Ontario’s and in retrofit scenarios.
  • Resources available through Save on Energy to support business case development and feasibility analysis of heat pump projects.