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Employee Engagement at Home: Environmental Stewardship and Home Checkups
Monday, Jan 31, 2022

With many organizations and staff working from home it can be challenging to engage employees with sustainability and environmental stewardship actions. While Green Economy London supports businesses in setting reduction targets and making sustainability changes at their facilities, we also emphasize the importance of employee engagement to embed sustainability into your work culture. 

There is an exciting opportunity to engage employees with sustainability at home and earn project points towards your Environmental Stewardship Target by having employees sign up for Greener Homes London’s Home Checkups!

Greener Homes London, one of the London Environmental Network’s programs, offers local residents solutions to reduce their environmental impact at home and engage the community with healthy lifestyles. Their Home Checkups act as an environmental audit process that looks at energy efficiency, waste diversion, water conservation, biodiversity, transportation, and behaviors that can help improve their environmental impact. They help homeowners, tenants, and landlords make their homes more climate-friendly!

Checkups will identify opportunities for residents to lower their carbon household emissions, identify retrofit grants, identify projects to help reduce energy and water bills, and much more. Your employees will leave the virtual checkup with a tangible action plan and personalized resources to get them started on their retrofit journey.

Having employees complete these Home Checkups is an excellent way to maintain sustainability engagement while working away from the office. As a bonus members who have employees sign up for Home Checkups will earn a project point towards their Environmental Stewardship Target. See how many projects are required to reach each Environmental Stewardship level below.

How does this tie into Environmental Stewardship?

Environmental stewardship describes our interactions with the environment that lead to protection, conservation, and sustainability. Since the Home Checkups look at energy efficiency, waste diversion, water conservation, biodiversity, transportation, and behaviors, they are a great environmental stewardship project. Individuals can collectively make a difference in the local community while making improvements to their own homes! 

Engaging with employees after the Home Checkups 

Here are some tips for maintaining employee engagement after your employees have completed the Home Checkup:

  • In a team meeting invite employees to share projects they want to pursue, ideas they’re most excited about, and/or anticipated challenges moving forward on their home retrofit journey (whether big or small)
  • As employees move through the stages of their projects, invite them to share progress photos, experiences, and/or advice to the team 

To indicate your team’s interest in having Home Checkups go towards your Environmental Stewardship Target or setting an Environmental Stewardship Target please contact To register for a Home Checkup please click here.

(Mike Hensen/ The London Free Press)

Pictured to the right is Skylar Franke, Executive Director of the London Environmental Network, showing an air source heat pump that helped bring her 100-year-old home to net-zero GHG emissions. You can read more about Skylar’s net-zero home and the support offered by Greener Homes London here.


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