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Emissions Reduction of the Year Award Winner Feature
Monday, Nov 14, 2022

Written by Nima Abbaszadeh, Western Community Engaged Learning Student with Green Economy London

The Emissions Reduction of the Year Award recognizes a member that has implemented a project over the past year that has/will have a significant impact on reducing their GHG emissions. The London & District Construction Association (LDCA) is the 2022 Emissions Reduction of the Year Award Winner for their efforts in reducing the emissions associated with their operations.

The construction sector is London’s largest emitting sector, and LDCA felt that it was necessary to address this head-on. This year, they installed two Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at their facility, installed an array of solar panels, and set a 50% emissions reduction target by 2031! 

EV chargers are on the rise in London, and LDCA is no exception. With the installation of their two EV chargers, they allow the use of electric vehicles by employees and also allow for more efficient charging. Level 2 chargers charge up to 8 times faster than Level 1 chargers, netting up to 51.6 kilometers of driving range per hour charged. 

LDCA’s array of solar panels is installed on the roof of their facility and also as a canopy covering the walkway of the building entrance. The array delivers 100% of their electricity needs, meaning that LDCA’s facility is powered entirely by renewable energy. The 93 modules in the array can produce over 39,000 kilowatt-hours of power each year, resulting in 1.6 tons of carbon emissions reduction each year. 

Finally, LDCA serves as an inspiration for other construction companies to do the same. Taking the steps to reduce their own emissions is not only an example to the rest of the community, but a spark of hope that London can see real change in the future. At the Green Leader Awards, LDCA spoke about how they wanted part of their solar array to be mounted as a canopy so it would be visible, as traditional rooftop-mounted solar panels are unnoticeable from ground-level. The solar array represents a beacon of sustainability for not just the London construction sector but the population of London as a whole. The LDCA emissions reduction project is an important step towards their 2031 target.

Thank you LDCA for all your continued efforts in reducing GHG emissions!


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