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Embrace Earth Month: Activities and Events Guide
Thursday, Mar 28, 2024

April is Earth Month! It’s a time dedicated to celebrating our planet by raising awareness, taking meaningful climate action, and embracing sustainability. We encourage you to join forces with colleagues, gather with friends and family, or take individual steps to get involved this Earth Month.

Keep reading to learn about the various events and activities taking place in London throughout the month of April.  Remember every action, big or small, makes a difference. We hope you’re inspired to join in and celebrate Earth, not just in April, but every single day!

London Clean & Green

London Clean & Green is a community and business partnership campaign taking place throughout April that promotes litter prevention, encourages community clean-ups, and helps to organize environmental projects in London. Host your own clean-up throughout the month or explore the listed events below to join fellow community members:

20 Minute Makeover 

Bring together friends, family, or colleagues to participate in a collective effort to clean up around your home, school, or workplace. Investing just 20 minutes of your day to pick up litter can make a big difference in sprucing up our city!

Community-wide Clean-up

This day marks the city’s largest community-driven clean-up initiative. Consider organizing a clean-up event, joining one already planned in your area, or engaging in an individual effort. Explore the clean-up map to locate an event near you.

Green Leader Awards

Celebrate Earth Month by joining the London Environmental Network and Green Economy London at the Green Leader Awards to celebrate businesses and community members who are working to make London a more resilient city for all. Join us for an evening of awards, snacks and beverages, networking opportunities, door prizes, and live music!

Talk Climate to Me

Talk Climate to Me, powered by Project Neutral, is a fun, free, unscary, inclusive climate education experience for women and allies in Canada. Through training sessions and outreach materials, Talk Climate to Me provides engaging climate knowledge and tools to spark climate action. By the end, you will be armed with climate awareness and behaviour change tools necessary to inspire change in your home and community! This is a great opportunity to engage your colleagues, friends, or family in climate conversations. Take it on your own or sign up to lead a team.


Earthfest returns to London, igniting the spirit of climate action! On April 20th, come out to celebrate all the good work, wins, and potential in our community as we look to make London one of the greenest cities in Canada, together. The event promises something for everyone with live music, art exhibitors, vendors showcasing sustainability, delicious food, and more!

More Events

Canada-Wide Butt Blitz

A Greener Future is calling on volunteers across Canada to pick up cigarette butts in their local communities, then send them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling. You can participate as a coordinator or a volunteer.

Native Plant Sale

Find beautiful, low-maintenance plants for your garden while supporting local non-profit organizations in London. Order now until May 12th and pick up your plants at Westminster Ponds Centre on May 25th.

Embrace Earth Month: Activities and Events Guide

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