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A Friendlier Company introduces an Eco-Friendlier Way to Enjoy Takeout in London!
Thursday, Feb 18, 2021

Over the last year, takeout has become a restaurant staple. It’s been a great way to support local businesses throughout the pandemic, but at what cost? Normally, many of these restaurants would serve their food in house on reusable plates that are washed, and reused time and time again. Unfortunately, takeout containers are typically single-use only and result in an enormous amount of waste. A Friendlier Company believes that this doesn’t need to be the case, and that takeout containers should be reused, just like the in-house dishes we’re used to.  

A Friendlier Company is introducing a reusable takeout container program, so you can feel confident knowing that your takeout is not harming the planet.  

Similar to the reusable bottle program at The Beer Store, A Friendlier Company is introducing a deposit-based takeout container program. Customers request their takeout containers in a reusable container, and pay a small deposit with the purchase of their meal. When they are finished, they scan the QR code on the container using the free A Friendlier Company app. 

Once scanned, they can return the container to centralized collection bins or they can request at-home pickup through the A Friendlier Company app. They will receive their deposit back through our app, where they can watch their environmental impact grow.

Their reuse program keeps their containers in circulation so they can be used hundreds of times! By extending the life of these containers, there are less containers going to waste and there are less containers being manufactured. 

A Friendlier Company uses a local Ontario-made container. Their lightweight, durable containers are made of 30% recycled plastics, and are recycled at the end of their lives. The lightweight, durable design means less energy for manufacture, less storage space, and less energy for transport! 

This reusable takeout container program launched in restaurants and food-service businesses in October 2020 in Guelph. Since then, over 2000 containers have been reused! That’s over 250 pounds of plastic diverted from landfills, and 250 pounds of plastic that didn’t need to be manufactured. 

This simple, convenient system is great for both businesses and consumers. Is this the future of food packaging? Only you will decide. Download the A Friendlier Company app to start reusing, or head to to learn how reusable containers will fit your business. 

If you want to learn more join our live info session,  Monday February 22nd @1pm! Sign up here


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