Member Profile: Riley Oickle Real Estate Investor

Riley Oickle has been involved in real estate investing for 3 years now, and has been focused on bringing light to what it means to be an environmentally conscious real estate investor. While studying at Western University, he became intrigued with the issue of climate change along with the initiatives from trail blazers around the world. We has bee inspired to focus his career in the sector of renewable energy and sustainable building practices. An inspiration of what this means to him is the West Five Development in London Ontario. It is a sustainable building development project which for years he has driven past and watched as the solar panels are installed to the rooftops of the townhouses.
Riley’s long term goal in real estate investing is to build 100 units that are Net Zero (100% renewable energy powered). He see’s the opportunity of investing in multi-family properties (duplex, triplex and fourplex) and retrofitting them, as the starting point to get to these 100 units. In doing so, his team uses sustainable renovation practices as shown on their website.