Member Profile: Dalton White Farms

We are a family farm located in Delhi, Ontario. We are a multi-commodity farm, including Asparagus, blueberries, ginseng, hazelnuts, and field crops. We take great care to ensure the products that leave our farm are top quality, from planting through harvest, along with the processing, packaging, and distribution. We take great pride in feeding our friends and neighbours, and will continue to ensure the land we farm continues to sustain them for generations to come.

Silver Target Pledging – Environmental Stewardship

Dalton White Farms is commitment to completing 5  projects under the environmental stewardship framework. Some projects they have planned to complete include:

  • Installing rain barrels
  • Adding a pollinator garden and native plant garden
  • Participating in community clean ups
  • Doing a Project Neutral calculation with employees
  • Adding signage for visitors to learn about the sustainability actions taking place on the farm


Phone: 226-231-5180



Instagram: daltonwhitefarms

Facebook: DaltonWhiteFarms